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National & International BANKS In Pakistan

Bank Name Telephone No(s)
Albaraka Islamic Bank B.S.C. (E.C.) 042-111-742-742
Allied Bank Limited 021-9212701/5670371-79/5678071
Asian Development Bank (Adb) 051-2825011-16
Askari Commercial Bank Limited 051-518117-22/586704/586705
Bank Alfalah Limited 021-2414030-40/111777786
Bank Al-Habib Limited 021-2412986-4/2417065-4
BankIslami Pakistan Limited 021-111-247-111
Citibank N.A. 021-2638398/111999999
Crescent Commercial Bank Limited 021-5610391-95/111999333
Deutsche Bank Ag 021-111-555-777
Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited 021-5631950-52
First Women Bank Limited 021-5657681-4/111676676
Habib Bank Limited 021-2418000 (50)
Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited 021-2636740 (20 LINES)
Hongkong & Shinghai Banking Corporation 021-2631526
Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan 021-9213601-10
Islamic Investment Bank Ltd. 091-5276025-27
Kasb Bank Limited 021-2446772-77/10/111555666
Khushhali Bank 051-111092092
Meezan Bank Limited 021-5610582-91/111331331
Muslim Commercial Bank Limited 021-2415854/2417831/2416920
Mybank Limited 021-111-443-111
National Bank of Pakistan 021-9212200/9212208
Nib Bank Limited 021-111-333-111
Oman International Bank S.A.O.G. 021-2410085-89
PICIC Commercial Bank Limited 021-2638817/111566566
Prime Commercial Bank Limited 042-5728282-87/111363636
Sme Bank Limited 051-9217000/111-110-011
Soneri Bank Limited 021-2439562-67
Standard Chartered Bank 021-2416541/111002002
State Bank of Pakistan 021-9212401-06
The Bank Of Khyber 091-111959595/5273456/5273587
The Bank of Punjab 042-9200421-33/9203591
The Bank of Tokyo 021-2630171-75
Union Bank Limited 021-111001002
United Bank Limited 021-2417021-22
Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited 051-9220014/9220110

If your Bank's name isn't listed here or Bank's details are incorrect then please do Contact Us as soon as possible so we can update our records!
Last Updated: 15, Feb, 2010

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