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BRIDGE Advertising Solutions

BRIDGE is a rapidly growing global internet services company of Pakistan, providing a range of products and services including a web portal [] and BRIDGE Services. is free and most authentic informational website concerning variety of fields of Pakistan. is providing that free services which no Pakistani has ever expected! Services like BRIDGE Real Estate, BRIDGE Autos, BRIDGE Rent Cars, BRIDGE E-Learning, BRIDGE Career, etc. are developed to provide and facilitate people of Pakistan with the modern age IT Technology. More than 5+ million of visitors around the globe, are getting benefits by using's services. And because our services are FREE, we are experiencing a huge amount of purely targeted traffic daily.

Web Marketing is beneficial because virtually 100% of internet visitors are: Educated; therefore they have certain tastes and preferences which marketers usually look for in a target market. Have computers and internet connection; thus they have a certain level of awareness and income (which translates into purchasing power). One of the best ways to give your product an international recognition is to advertise it on WwW, and one of the best medium on WwW for advertising is!

This is not all we are offering! We have 3 other powerful modes of advertisements also. See their details below:

BRIDGE Toolbar:
Toolbars... the powerful addon of browsers. BRIDGE has also got a fine featured toolbar for its visitors. So you can also promote your business through BRIDGE Toolbar. We display a line of ad with hyperlink capability to our users who have installed BRIDGE Toolbar. Thousands of users specially Pakistanis have downloaded and installed our toolbar. The main advantage of advertising on toolbar is that it is'nt restricted to any of the websites so whenever a user will open the browser our toolbar will get displayed and thus your ad so!

Email Marketing:
Email marketing can help your business succeed. A steady stream of new and repeat customers is the key to online success. Permission-based email marketing is the most effective way to build strong relationships with people and to keep them referring new business and coming back for more. We have got more than one million of verified email addresses. You can advertise on BRIDGE Newsletters also in any category. We do not believe in nor we encourages spamming, that is why, we only send one email per category, monthly, excluding Humor category!

BRIDGE Magazine:
Marketing through Print Media is as same as marketing on a TV channel. Print Media plays a vital role in spreading small and big businesses. BRIDGE Magazine, a free business-entertainment magazine currently distributed only in Karachi. But our plans are to distribute all over Pakistan more than 11,000 of copies within two years. The biggest advantage of advertising on BRIDGE Magazine is that we carefully distribute our magazine to only those places where more than 20 people can view and read it daily. Some example places are; branches of banks, our affiliated companies, libraries, stores, institutions, etc. That means your business will be promoted to those also who does not have internet or are unfamiliar with! Costs of ads will keep changing time to time but if you buy a 1 or 2 years package now than it will definitely benefit you when we will change the costs of ads.

You can reach our Marketing Department by following ways for more info:

by phone:

by email:

[email protected]


BRIDGE is currently offering 5 sponsorships to help build BRIDGE a better place on internet for every Pakistani. The money we will get from sponsorships will be used in future developments of BRIDGE products and services. Our sponsors will get several big advantages including free ads placements and promotions. For more sponsorship details, send us an email at: [email protected] or contact us on above provided phone numbers.

Grow Your Business with Effective BRIDGE Marketing Solutions!