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The Motive Behind BRIDGE
BRIDGE is established with the motive to bring a simple but revolutionary change into the lives of Pakistanis by giving them an international standard website [] of their own and e-solutions to their problems.

BRIDGE is a global Internet services company of Pakistan. It provides a range of products and services including a web portal [] and BRIDGE Services. It was founded in April of 2007. The company is headquartered in Dubai, and has also opened its operation in Karachi, Sind. was launched on November of 2007. It was designed and developed by Murtaza Zoaib, Senior Web Developer at BRIDGE Co.

BRIDGE also provides web development & designing, email marketing, internet marketing, graphics designing and other paid IT services, for more details see BRIDGE Services.

WHEN & WHY Was Needed?
It was a time when people needed a website to make their life simple, easy and comfortable, at that time become a solution for them to save their money and time by providing and facilitating them with extremely useful products and services and to bring a high class change into their lives. It is meant for Pakistanis and all its categories are being developed taking into consideration the limitations and guidelines set forth of our religion and culture.

PakBRIDGE.COM is a product of BRIDGE.'s goal is to provide instant facilities via Internet technology to the people of Pakistan, which they can benefit according to their individual requirements. This website is a comprehensive solution for all regardless of age, category and status. We are specially focused on IT because it is the Future of Pakistan.

Success of provides a unique strategy! It is only because of's unique products and services that within a month of launching, not only recieved over 10 million of hits but also now recognised among every Pakistani as Pride of Pakistan! Another reason of success is that involves every business, like real estate agencies can join BRIDGE Real Estate and showroom owners can join BRIDGE Autos, moreover anyone can join BRIDGE, for more details of joining BRIDGE see Join BRIDGE. caters the needs and interests of people of all ages and from all walks of life, including students, businessmen, bankers, fun/entertainment, women and so much more. Following are the web products and services of
  • BRIDGE Real Estate
    • Listings of properties for sell or rent in Pakistan by city/area wise
    • Detailed info of all properties
    • Complete info of Real Estate Agencies
    • Rapid contact service to contact agencies for interested properties
  • BRIDGE Autos
    • Listings of new and used autos for sell by showrooms or web users
    • Detailed info of all autos
    • Complete info of Auto Showrooms
  • BRIDGE Rent Cars
    • Listings of cars on rent by Rent Cars Service Providers (also known as Rent-a-Car)
    • Detailed info of all cars with daily, weekly and monthly rents
    • Complete info of Rent Cars Service Providers
  • BRIDGE E-Learning
    • Free Interactive video trainings, tutorials and ebooks to download.
    • Unique E-Learning System
  • BRIDGE Articles
    • Daily updated Articles in almost all categories (fields).
  • BRIDGE Career
    • Free Online Resume Builder with pre-defined statements to use in creating powerful resumes
    • Resume and Cover letter writing tips and tricks
    • Resume and Cover letter samples
  • BRIDGE Classifieds
    • Post or View Classified Ads for Free in almost all categories
  • BRIDGE Informatics
    • Information of Airlines, Banks, Hotels, Insurance companies, Press-Media and Universities in Pakistan
  • BRIDGE Services
    • SEO & Internet Marketing, Website Development & Designing, Animated Banner Designing, Logo Designing and Email Marketing paid services offered by BRIDGE Services
  • BRIDGE Web Directory
    • A Web Directory with over 4 million of sites in more than 590,000 categories
  • BRIDGE Zone
    • Free flash games, web master tools, tips and tricks
  • BRIDGE Hilarious Pranks
    • Pranks Blog
    • Pranks of almost all types
For contact: Email us at [email protected]

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